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The comment below is interesting because US-Soviet exchanges in industry, technology, and agriculture eventually made their way to North Korea in 1945. Much of the initial industrial base in the country was a product of Japanese colonialism, however, the Soviet no doubt improved on these following Korean independence. One day I am going to write a book about common culture between the DPRK and USA- including what I suspect is the influence of Protestant hymns (from missionaries active in northern Korea) on today’s North Korean music. 


The world’s largest blast furnace being constructed at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Complex (Magnetic Mountain). 

Ironically, the Soviet Union had to hire American specialists to design the furnace because the Union did not have such technical expertise. And so it came to pass that the triumph of Soviet innovation was designed by capitalists.

Source: bschwartz

The Sound of the General’s Footprints (장군님 발자국소리) from the 2006 movie A Schoolgirl’s Diary (한 녀학생의 일기). 



The Land and the Farmer

As much as is planted in the spring

As much as we sweat and cultivate in the summer

In the the fall the earth will provide… 

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